Rigoberto Urán: “In Colombia we are failing in some process”

Rigoberto Urán did not come to Colombia for seven months. His intense season had him in Europe until last October 8 when he ran the Giro de Lombardía in which he finished in 21st place. The last days of the cycling year were disturbing for Education First due to the relegation system in which the team was at risk, which is why Rigo did not go to the World Cup with Colombia.

Also because of that, he was one of the most important riders for his team in the Fall Classics. He was also in the Coppa Agostoni, in the Giro dell’Emilia and in Tre Valli Varesine. The best result was obtained in Emilia in which he was fifth, but in all he added points to give the peace of mind of salvation to the EF, which will continue to be a World Tour.

For this reason, the American squad decided to renew his contract for two more years. Rigo will continue with Jonathan Vaughters until 2024. For his team he is essential. That is why they describe him like this: “he is part of the identity of this team, a leader that all our cyclists can lean behind, an exceptional teammate and a shining example of what it means to never give up”.

Rigo believes that the support with his team is mutual and that much of what he has grown he owes to his teammates and coaches. “I have been in the team for more than 7 years, it is a family that supports me in many things and other things I have done with my work. We reached an agreement and I will be on the 23rd and 24th. I’m happy, it’s a great experience supporting the team, the teammates. I love what I do, I enjoy. Sometimes, the results don’t come but I fight and fight and that’s what I try to convey”.

And he added, “we have a relationship with a lot of respect, it is mutual help and I am happy because I work in something that I like. I have many friends in the team and it is a job. We want to win, that the cyclists who continue hiring are the best runners. And being with young people at my age because 18 and 19-year-olds arrive and it’s good to be with them always trying to live up to it, “he explained about his renewal.

About the EF he also spoke about Daniel Arroyave and Diego Camargo, the young Colombians in his squad, “Daniel has had health problems and Diego is doing a little better. What happens is that the level in Europe is very high, it has been very difficult for them, but they are on the right track. Sometimes, the processes are very slow and one sees others who arrive and win the Tour and compare themselves with ours and it is said that they are very slow. But a lot has been done so that they can appear, they are young and strong riders”.

And he also spoke of Richard Carapaz, the great hiring of the American team, “he is one of the best signings, of the best runners of three weeks, Olympic champion and with incredible results. For the team, he is one of the best reinforcements we can have for the following seasons”.

The joy of his stage in the Vuelta a España

After hard months in which things did not work out for Rigo, his great victory came in the Vuelta a España. It was in stage 17 that he ended up in the Tentudía Monastery. “He had had a regular year, with illnesses, with many crashes on the Tour and to be able to finish like this, with the first stage in the Vuelta that I had never won and with that get what I wanted, which was to win in the big three. Being in the top 10 also because we had problems at the beginning. Very happy because I run because I like it but winning was very nice too”, she said.

Rigoberto not only runs to win and it is something that has characterized him because his passion goes beyond triumphs, “I love to ride a bike, they pay me for the results and I always give my best in the races. but I am realistic because I do not have the quality that young people have. That is my level and I have learned to enjoy it. The important thing is to tell people that you don’t have to be the best to achieve your goals, but to have discipline and not give up. I have been trying for many years and every year, failing, with accidents, but it is what one learns from defeat, to try again because we cannot give up”, he explained.

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He also said that after the renewal he sees retirement further, “I have no idea, in the next two years it will be 36 and 37 years and I don’t know what will happen. I enjoy what I do and if I enjoy it I don’t know how long I’ll do it. I have a team in Colombia that gives me peace of mind regarding the stores and the farm, my wife and family like Europe and for now, they will keep me for two more years giving lora”.

Colombian cycling and its problems

For Rigoberto Urán, Colombian cycling is full of talent, but it lacks structure and different forms of training for young cyclists. “There is a large litter but we are failing in some process because they arrive in Europe and they lack rhythm and position themselves in the group. Something is missing even in the races that are held here, but there is talent. In addition, we were used to wins since the 2012 Olympics, the podiums of Nairo, Sergio Luis, Esteban, Miguel Ángel, Egan and now we are old. However, Daniel Martínez and Sergio Higuita are super strong and several are behind. You have to change the training process and you have to be patient”, he opined.

He also said that he does not believe that there is a crisis, “we have improved the issue of sports, there is a Ministry now. I think that it is more than a matter of giving them a slightly different approach, that they have the possibility of going to Europe because level one knows it when competing with the best. We’re on the right track but we have to keep working”.

And he referred to the issue of doping in Colombia, “it has always been there and it is an issue that has burned the sport. It’s complicated. We have to start working in schools with children so that they follow the clean path. It is difficult, I am nobody to blame people and I learned not to judge them, but this is something that affects the entire sport environment”.

The fourth edition of the Giro de Rigo

This November 6 will take place the Giro de Rigo, the cyclist’s race that this time will be in Villavicencio“we will have 4,509 cyclists from 22 countries and this is a sports issue, but also to show the regions that we have in Colombia, reactivate the economy and encourage sports.”

And he added, “we liked the route, there are spectacular routes, we wanted something different and here we have it. In addition, we will have a special guest who is Tadej Pogacar. Imagine what it generates, first for the Giro, but also for the country that characters like this visit us and that generate confidence for others who want to come“, said.

And he told how he invited the Slovenian, “I have many friends and I have learned to make very good friends in Europe. Every day I invite people and At the beginning of the year I invited him if he had the time and he said yes and it could be arranged for November. he has many followers, he is the best cyclist in the world at his age. He is excited and sure he will have a great time, “he concluded.

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