Ricky’s revenge in Minnesota

The Cavaliers they add one and skyrocket their expectations in this first portion of the season. They beat important rivals at home and also win away from home against teams of their level or a very similar one. The latter is the case of his confrontation with the Timberwolves at the Target Center, a lucid night for Bickerstaff that was sentenced almost to rest. The Cleveland team is a machine to play and, against a team that must improve in defense a lot to aspire to get into the playoffs for the championship, it was released from the beginning.

Finch It was along those lines, but being quite harsh: “The start has been poor, but the rest of the game has been entirely unacceptable. In this league, if you don’t raise the bar at the beginning, you let the others have a good and comfortable night.”. Towns he also opted for thick words: “In the last three games they are not beating us, they are beating us. We arrive at the pavilion and they pass us by, it’s as simple as that”. Cemented in the first half, the Cavs’ victory ended up being 106-123. The visitors had eight players in 20 or more minutes of play and seven of them finished with double digits in the locker; the only one who did not succeed was Ricky Rubio, author of 6 points, 8 assists and 4 rebounds, who left Minnesota forcibly last summer and now, despite not being his best game, is taking a small revenge against his exes in the environment in which he matured so much.

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The Timberwolves they got to see each other down with only four and a half minutes of meeting underway. What came next wasn’t any enormity enhancement. There was again a double-double for Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen, this second already in the orbit of the national team after the entry of Kerr on that bench, and also for Kevin Love, from the bench in his case. The local team did not approach with danger in the second half of the day and the Cavaliers were able to close calmly.

Cleveland opened with that 4-20 and left the visitors stunned, dark as if they were mourning what would happen here. The right decisions were made in attack and the gale was from DANA. They were twenty points ahead in the second period, surpassing it after a triple from the successful Markkanen. Garland had also been released, who will make you a suit if you leave him space and he has the night. And in the painting Towns had to deal with Love or Allen, who herded him rejections that are necessary for these Wolves to enjoy more opportunities. The loss of D’Angelo Russell is still noticeable, although in this engagement the problems were other. How Garland seeped into the defense is something that, for example, Beverley might ask, very active in the previous game criticizing Gobert’s despite his loss. They did not reduce the disadvantage too much and that is how that +17 and that image of laziness that worries Minny so much remained.

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