Ricky Rubio will not play again this season. His left knee injury (anterior cruciate ligament) will take him away from the tracks for months. A disgrace considering the level he was at at the moment, surely the best of his career. It has been two weeks since the unfortunate action that left him in the dry dock and Ricky has broken his silence in an interview with La Vanguardia, in which to begin with, he rules out being emotionally sunk or anything like that:

“I am very well. I know that the recovery will be a roller coaster because I have experienced this situation before, but I take it as a different challenge. It will be necessary to get used to the body and the mind to other routines but my motivation is incredible. The challenge has changed and I accept it with enthusiasm.”

In addition to confirming that it has already been operated, it also knows your sick leave period. “It’s the first thing I asked the doctors,” he acknowledges. It will be 10 to 12 months.

“My regret lasted a day. I’ve been injured, what can you do? You have to put things in perspective. Remember that we are experiencing a pandemic. I think about it as if I had been given a year to grow as a person and as a player, to come out stronger. And it is not a topic. when a misfortune happens you can do two things: ask you why, waste time complaining, or look for solutions and take the new path”.

The last few seasons have not been easy for him, going through four teams in two years. In one of them, the Oklahoma City Thunder, he barely spent a day. The NBA transfer machinery has shown him its worst face, something that has affected him more in the past, but now he takes it differently. Like when these days he has seen his name related to a possible trade between the Cavs and the Pacers:

“It has its funny part. Yesterday I sent a message to my agent: ‘Are the rumors not going to leave me alone or injured or what?’ It’s part of the business. In his day I took it worse, you feel bad because you like to give everything where you are and when you give so much and then you see, like in Phoenix or Minnesota, that they do without you without knowing it… I’ve gotten used to it: when February approaches, rumors of the transfer of Ricky Rubio. It’s hard. It is a business. Fans like these kinds of market moves, playing general manager, video game style. But behind there are people and families. It is also true that there are exceptions. Nowitzki, for example, the entire career in Dallas.”

Ricky is not afraid to talk about his future, starting with that of his son, whom he clearly puts above his career: “When school starts there will be no NBA worth. I will have to go back. I don’t want to be dizzy from here to there”. The accounts, therefore, are clear. He makes them himself: “I have 3, 4, 5 years left in the NBA…”. And finish: “…but I would very much like to come back and play in Spain”. Here are some names:

“I would very much like to return to Spain. Without a doubt it would be in Barcelona or Joventut but much is missing. I admire Marc a lot. That thing of coming back and not caring where to play but in a project to believe in and a city that loves him so much… Sometimes we joke and I tell him that one day I will play with him in Girona. It’s not that much of a joke…”.

To finish, he also gets wet with the issue of vaccines and the furious sports news about it, which inevitably leads to being asked about Australia and Djokovic. He makes his position on the matter clear:

“I’ll start by saying that I have been vaccinated and so my position is already clear. Everyone is free not to do it but this is affecting globally. We have to trust to do the right thing even if it scares us. Lots of people are dying. You have to take a step forward. I would like everyone to get vaccinated for this to end. Y May hope prevail over fake news. I trust doctors. If they ask about basketball I will answer. If they ask about vaccines, I will ask them”.


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