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Ricky Rubio, King of Madison

Ricky Rubio, King of Madison

A great stage for a superlative performance. Ricky Rubio carried out this past morning at the mythical Madison Square Garden his best performance in his 11 seasons in the NBA. The Spanish international, MVP of the last World Cup and member of the best quintet in the Olympic Games, finished with 37 points, 3 rebounds and 10 assists in the Cleveland Cavaliers victory against the New York Knicks (109-126). It’s his biggest score in his 642 games in the North American League. So were his 13 baskets made (of 19 attempts) and his 8 triples made in an almost pristine series (9 shots). He did not miss from the perimeter until there were only 120 seconds left to conclude a duel that was currently packed towards Ohio.

“When the ball goes in, it looks like you’re making the right plays. But it’s not about scoring. Se try to take the right path, go the right path every time”, Assured in words collected by ESPN Ricky Rubio, who leaves in oblivion his previous scoring top: 34 points against the San Antonio Spurs on February 3, 2018, when he was still wearing the Utah Jazz jersey, the last (and only ) franchise with which he has entered the playoffs for the title.

Ricky’s journey

Because Rubio’s journey through the NBA has veered considerably since that summer of 2019 when he became a free agent. It was his moment. The opportunity to choose a future that seemed destined for the Indiana Pacers and ended up in the Phoenix Suns, mentoring a young and talented group with Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton at the helm. And with whom he was close to accessing the playoffs after a colossal performance in the Walt Disney bubble in Orlando (Florida).

That paper, the spiritual guide of the next generations, is the one that has already been assigned to Ricky. It is neither better nor worse than its previous role. It is what it is and he does it like a charm … even if that leads to being on four different teams in three years: Utah, Phoenix, Minnesota and Cleveland. And that we do not count his fleeting passage through Oklahoma City Thunder.

Young Quintet and Mobley

And in the Cavs where the point guard is giving another lesson in maturity and pure basketball in an exciting and different project. And, above all, with a ceiling of growth impossible to imagine. Cleveland, with an exciting balance from 60-159 since LeBron James left for the Los Angeles Lakers, stormed Madison with a starting five in which Dean Wade was the oldest at just 24 years. Insulting youth in a group that started on the track (it always does) with two small guards, the brilliant Darius Garland and the electric Collin Sexton; and two giants: the fireproof Jarrett Allen and the next rookie of the year, Evan Mobley. The rookie, number 3 in the last draft, is a 2.13 with a good throwing hand and good post movement. He is fast on his feet and hands, fast recovering his place and intelligent when attacking the rival rim. Qualities that launched him in the Big Apple until the 26 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists and that gave the Ohioans their 7th win this season in 11 games.

The Cavaliers are settled in the playoffs. And it will last as long as it has to last, but towers like Atlanta, Denver, Clippers, Charlotte, Portland, Toronto and, now, some Knicks who held out until the last minutes of the fourth quarter with Julius Randle (19) have already fallen, Derrick Rose (17) and Evan Fournier (15) as gunners. His balance after the defeat, 6-4.

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