Ricky Rubio is left alone

There was a time when the best basketball league on this planet, the NBA, saw numerous Spanish stars flourish. In 2016, the red and yellow flag reached its splendor in the United States with a total of 10 players. in competition, among which legends such as Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio, José Manuel Calderón stood out … A Spanish golden age in the NBA.

Today the situation is very different. We have 6 of ours in the United States, but with roles or roles that are very different from those of yesteryear.. The Hernangómez brothers, Willy and Juancho, are very far from the role played by the Gasols and do not have many minutes, despite their background in the United States. On the other hand, we must mention the rookies, Usman Garuba, who despite his conditions, is not having many minutes in the Rockets and Santi Aldama, who also does not enter the rotation and has come to play with the Grizzlies subsidiary. Serge Ibaka, who performed well in OKC and Toronto, has just returned after having back problems. The only one who is saved, and who is in fact in one of the best moments of his entire career is Ricky Rubio, who is having a spectacular start to the season, with superstar numbers and leading the Cavaliers.

We all know Ricky’s potential, which he has shown in Spain and with the national team, but in the NBA he still lacked one more step, and it seems that this season is the final one. The Catalan signed the best game of his career against the New York Knicks, with 37 points and 10 assists coming off the bench.. Such a feat made league legends, like LeBron James, go crazy with the performance of the Cavs point guard.

The situation of the rest of Spaniards is very different. Usman Garuba and Santi Aldama are in their first season, it is more logical that they do not have minutes. The Azuqueca is not counting much in the plans of Stephen Silas, who has seen in the draft Sengun an ideal profile for the rotation. Garuba has averaged 1.4 points and 2 rebounds in 6 minutes on average. Santi Aldama does not enter the Memphis rotation, who had a lot of projection, but who does not quite fit into the team. He has played a game with the subsidiary this season. His numbers, 3.7 points and 1.7 rebounds in 7.1 minutes on average.

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The Hernangómez, who are no longer rookies, are not counting on many minutes in their teams either, despite not having done bad performances in past seasons.. Willy, who plays for the New Orleans Pelicans, doesn’t seem to have the confidence of his new coach, Willie Green. 2.7 points and 1.3 rebounds in 4.7 minutes on average have been his statistics. His brother Juancho is in a fairly similar situation in Boston. The team is not having its best moment either, aggravated by the problems with Brown, Tatum and Smart, but the Spaniard still does not have many opportunities. What little he has played, 1.2 points and 1.0 rebounds in 2.8 minutes on average.

From Serge Ibaka, regarding this season, nothing can be made clear, since just got back from injury and has only played one game with the Clippers. He played 8 minutes, made a house-brand block and caught a rebound. The Spaniard, who is a defensive specialist, has already played good roles in the past in the Thunder and the Raptors. You have to see how it comes after the injury, but if he is healthy, he will have no problem getting into the rotation and being an important player in the physical style imposed by the Angelenos on defense.

It is clear that rookies have to develop more as players and that Hernangómez and Ibaka may end up finding their niche, but If there is someone who continues to raise Spanish basketball in the United States, it is Ricky Rubio, who is already a legend in Spain and a player with an excellent reputation in the NBA.

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