There are no shortcuts to success. Hard work and a passion for learning can easily lead to success, whether you belong to the rich or the middle class.

According to Indian media reports, Sohani, the daughter of a rickshaw driver from Jaipur, Rajasthan, has secured the top position in the matriculation exams with 96% marks.

Sohani’s story is significant because her parents are not educated and the whole family is facing a lot of financial problems. Despite these struggles, Sohani’s father sent her to school.

Suhani rajasthan board topper1

According to Indian media, the financial condition of 15-year-old Sohani Shakarwal’s family has never been good. Wash people’s clothes to keep going.

Dream of becoming a CA and IAS

After passing the board exam with good marks, Sohani expressed her determination to complete her education and become an IAS officer.

Sohani’s parents are proud and happy about their daughter’s success.

The principal of the school Devinder Kumar Waja also praised her and said that she has always been very good in her studies and saluted her perseverance.