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The universe is about to go completely barren again with the arrival of the first rick and morty season 6 trailer, heralding the return of several iconic characters and locations. The adult animated comedy is from the creator of Community, Dan Harmon, and Adventure Time alumnus, Justin Roiland. It is based on a parody short film by Back to the future created by him. Justin Roiland also leads the cast of rick and morty in both roles, alongside Chris Parnell in that of Jerry, Rick’s son-in-law, Sarah Chalke in the role of Beth, Rick’s daughter, and Spencer Grammar as Summer, Morty’s sister.

Rick and Morty © Adult Swim

Rick and Morty © Adult Swim

The plot of the rick and morty season 6 is for now being kept under wraps, with fans still reeling from the Season 5 finale which saw Evil Morty destroy the central finite curve, thus making Rick the smartest man in the multiverse. The creators of the show have remained very discreet, in addition to a few statements announcing naturally a really epic next season. However, the wait will not be very long, the Adult Swim series returns in September, after more than a year of interruption. The season 6 of rick is morty will not be the last, since the series was extended to 70 episodes in 2018 after season 3. Maintaining the current format, this brings it to seven seasons. The future of rick and morty will be decided on the horizon of the rick and morty season 10.

Trailer Rick and Morty season 6

Less than a month from the release of Rick and Morty season 6 premiere episode, Adult Swim unveiled rick and morty season 6 trailer. The video offers a glimpse of the chaos to come in the next chapter of the anime series.

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