Richeze retires from cycling after a frustrated signing by Cavendish

Richeze retires from cycling after a frustrated signing by Cavendish

Maximilian Richeze (Argentina, 39 years old) has been one of the best pitchers of recent times, as well as a double stage winner in the Italy spin. A pride for his country, being the only Argentine runner who has raised his arms in the Corsa Rosa. Therefore, there was no better scenario for his farewell to professional cycling that before his people, family and friends who follow him closely in his last days of competition in the Return to San Juan. “This will be my last race, it is decided. A mixture of emotions, but this cycle had to be closed and the best way to do it was here in my country. I will try to enjoy and If you can and there are legs, try to fight and retire through the front door ”, Richeze explained to AS about his objectives for what will be his last dance.

Of course, it will not be for lack of conditions, because the plan that Max had was to continue active throughout this season. Why does he withdraw here then? As Richeze confesses, that in San Juan he competes with the colors of his national team, part of the responsibility lies with a Mark Cavendish with whom he hoped to reach a team as his pitcher: “With legs and head I was ready to have continued for another year. There were some things that did not happen and that made me make this decision. My idea was to continue with Cavendish, first in B&B, where we had a contract. Then the team was dismantled and I had to remain linked to him when he left for Astana. After that, that didn’t happen.”

“Cavendish disappointed me a lot as a person”

Max Richeze

But the thing does not stop there, because the Beautiful view He did not hold his tongue when it came to qualifying the way the British broker and his agent acted: “That he could not take me with him are things that can happen, but I think that the respect of telling the other person that this could happen it was the best. The thing about not answering the phone I think is not respectful, neither from him nor from his representative. I found out from the press that he had signed by himself (with Astana). That’s not the problem, it’s just that he didn’t tell me first. I was very disappointed as a person. As a runner I can’t say anything, he is a great champion and I wish him the best”.

After being a true benchmark for Argentina on the bike during his 16 seasons as a professional, Max now hands over to a young batch of riders who, according to his analysis, are promising: “The new generation is good. We have good riders and hopefully we can add more riders in the future. That is the idea and that is why so much work is being done here in the province (San Juan). We hope to get more riders to Europe”. His career, despite serving a sanction for doping with anabolic drugs in 2009, “it was a dream come true”, ensures. The peloton will miss him.


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