Richarlison: “I did not lead a riot against Conte”

Richarlison, Tottenham Hotspur attacker, denied that he led “a riot” against Antonio Conte and said he’s sorry he couldn’t do enough to keep her. The Brazilian maintained a tense relationship with the Italian in the latter’s final stage in command of Tottenham, after Richarlison assured that the season was being “shit”, to which Conte replied that he was “selfish”.

“Questioning and criticizing me as a player for my performances is part of football and I understand it, but I cannot accept that lies are told about me. I have always had a lot of respect for Conte and for all the coaches I have had. (Conte) helped me a lot when I arrived at Tottenham and even when we have had a problem, we have solved it by speaking professionally, ”Richarlison explained on his social networks.

The Brazilian, who has yet to score in the Premier League, was accused of carrying out a riot to take down Conte, who eventually broke with Tottenham by mutual consent earlier this week.

“I did not lead a mutiny against him, quite the opposite. I’m sorry for not being able to measure up and not doing enough for him to stay. After he left, I sent him a message thanking him for everything he’s done and wishing him the best, because it’s what he deserves. On the other hand, the journalist responsible for this lie did not even make the slightest gesture to speak to my team or listen to me. He is a bad professional,” Richarlison admitted.

“Nothing has changed between us”

Once the departure of Antonio Conte from Tottenham was announced, it was also announced from England that only his brother, then an analyst for the spurs, he would leave the club and leave London together with the Italian coach. And it is that his assistant Cristian Stellini will be in charge of the team until the end of the season. In his first press conference as interim coach, before the game against Everton, Cristian Stellini spoke about his relationship with the former Tottenham manager.

“I want to clarify that the decision was made for the good of the club and everyone. Antonio (Conte) is fine. Everyone made the decision for the good of the club.”, began by stating who had been his assistant. Cristian Stellini explained that his relationship with Antonio Conte “remains the same, very close and nothing has changed between us. I have to thank him because I have improved a lot in my career with and thanks to him.. I do what’s best for him before and what’s best for him until the end of the season.”

To the Italian, now interim coach of the spurs, it’s up to him “to work hard in the next 10 games. Nothing has to change in my mind. I’m not here for vanity. I am here to help this club”. Asked if he will try to resemble his predecessor in office, Cristian Stellini stated: I have to be myself. I have used myself, my character. We’ll see what happens during the process. We haven’t had many days together. We had a good day in training and we continue in training what we did in the past. Regarding the past, I have to be honest, we have changed some things in the tactic.”.

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