Rich Dad, Poor Dad author “Everything is going to the sharks, buy bitcoin”

The author of the wildly popular book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Miyosaki, expects that we will soon have total economic chaos all over the world. He indicates that he expects a total collapse of the world economy. However, according to Miyosaki, investors can protect themselves against this and that is, among other things, by buying bitcoin (BTC).

Robert Miyosaki and Bitcoin

For some time now, there has been major macroeconomic turmoil in the world. Of course, this has everything to do with skyrocketing inflation and geopolitical tensions. This forces central banks to take tough measures, but such measures can also be quite wrong, according to Miyosaki. According to the writer, there is actually no more positive scenario to think of.

For that reason, investors are now reaching for assets that may help them protect their wealth. The battle is between traditional assets such as stocks, precious metals and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and… ethereum (ETH).

According to Miyosaki, cryptocurrencies and gold in particular are good ways to somewhat minimize the pain that is coming. He argues that cash and bonds are in any case totally screwed up and that investors should stay far away from this. He cites measures taken by the British central bank as an example of this:

“Why buy gold, silver and Bitcoin? Bank of England pivot means buying more gold, silver and bitcoin. When pensions were about to collapse, it turned out that central banks can’t solve inflation. Pensions have always invested in gold and silver. Pension funds are now investing in Bitcoin. They know that the fake dollar, stocks & bonds are devastated,” Kiyosaki said.

Kiyosaki reaffirms his belief that it is mainly precious metals and cryptocurrencies that will survive the coming storm. His advice is therefore also clear: buy more gold, silver and bitcoin.

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In September it was already in the bitcoin news to read that Kiyosaki expects the US dollar to be final soon will go down. According to him, this has everything to do with the current policy of the US central bank.

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