Ricardinho, after being world champion, will play in Second

At 36 years old, Ricardinho touched the sky in this month of October. The Portuguese, in the select group of the best players in history (or the best), won the World Cup with his team, Portugal, after beating Argentina in the grand final. Before, in quarterfinals, the Portuguese had left on the way to Spain in the appointment of Lithuania. In this way, Ricardinho achieved the only great title that was missing from his record, being world champion. He already has a European, six Ballon d’Or, three Champions League, a multitude of titles in Spain, Japan … and also with the French League. He got it last season at ACCS Paris, although the outcome was not as desired.

After winning the domestic competition, the glamorous Parisian club that had in its ranks Jesús Velasco as coach, Ortiz (both went to Barça this summer) and Ricardinho himself, among other stars, he was demoted to Second in dispatches due to financial problems. “Well … I’ve never won a Second Division championship. Could this be it?”said the Portuguese star last June, when the news broke. The team appealed, but the sentence did not change. They will play Champions (they are currently playing the main round, like Barça and Levante), but in the second category of French futsal.

Despite rumors of a possible return to Portugal, Ricardinho remains for the moment in the French capital. An injury in March took him away from his club. After some intense months of recovery, he was able to reach the World Cup, in which he was MVP in addition to the title, and for now he is out of the team to recover from Lithuania’s tremendous effort. At Christmas the market opens again and it remains to be seen if Ricardinho remains in France, but for now he has taken an important step with his continuity. ACCS Paris made their Champions League debut this season, losing 4-3 to Sporting, current European champions, in a great match. His teammates posed at the beginning with a 10 jersey, which they are expecting soon on the track. A legend … whose final career has yet to be defined.

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