Riad Sattouf will shoot the Unknown, said the producer of the future feature film, Renaud Davy, of Pan Distribution, during a broadcast Thursday, May 12 on Youtube of the media specializing in cinema Boxoffice Pro. He mentioned, among the films to come, “a duo that we are all looking forward to, in any case a team that is promising: (…) the Inconnus led by Riad Sattouf.” The release date is scheduled “late 2023, early 2024”, he added. The title was not specified.

This will be the third film by Riad Sattouf, author of the autobiographical comic book series. The Arab of the future and filmmaker, after The Beautiful Kids (2009) and Jacky in the kingdom of girls (2014).


The last film of the Unknown dates back to 8 years ago

As for the Unknowns, the trio of Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan and Pascal Légitimus has not appeared in a film since 2014 and The Three Brothers: the return, which had accumulated 2.3 million admissions.

In January 2022, Bernard Campan told AFP that the trio had been invited “to participate in a film”. It’s not “not a film of the Unknowns”, he pointed out. “On this occasion, the group will reform but it is not, as I have read or heard: +The group will reform on stage or…+. No, it’s for the occasion of a film in which we’re going to participate and I’m delighted. I am delighted to find my companions and associates and friends”, he continued.

In 1995, their first film The three brothers had triumphed with more than 7 million spectators and won the César for best first work.