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Rhône: the delivery man had stolen a colossal amount of fuel

We knew about the fraudulent use of business cards to benefit from reduced fuel prices, but in this case, an employee had an idea that allowed him to steal an impressive amount of fuel: no less than 80,000 liters. This delivery man, whose story is told by BFM TV on Friday, May 6, worked for a company responsible for supplying gas stations. The boss of this company located in Pierre-Bénite, a municipality in the metropolis of Lyon, would have been intrigued by a difference in volume, between the fuel which should have been delivered, and which left the Feyzin refinery, and the actual quantity delivered. which ended up with its customers.

The gendarmes discovered that the driver took part of the delivery with the help of an accomplice, with whom the gasoline was stored. Vats would have been found at the latter’s in Saint-Priest. The gasoline was then resold on the black market. In four months, the employee would have stolen 80,000 liters. The individual admitted the facts. He and his accomplice should be tried in the coming months.

This case is in addition to the resurgence of fuel thefts observed since prices at the pump have continued to rise. In March, still in the Rhône, three people were arrested because they were reselling at very attractive prices fuel purchased with stolen professional gas cards. According to Auto Plus, six million liters of fuel are stolen each year and resold for half the price. This figure is expected to be much higher in 2022.


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