Rey Mysterio and his son, rivals at WrestleMania 39

Rey Mysterio and Dominik don’t have the best father-son relationship. It has reached such a level that they will be rivals at WrestleMania 39, the great WWE wrestling event. After enduring many taunts, the masked wrestler got fed up and accepted his son’s challenge. Dominik got into his father’s last match on Friday Night SmackDown, making him loseand later, he disrespected his mother and sister. He crossed the line and exhausted the King’s patience.

The masked man closed his son’s mouth with a punch. And it’s nothing he didn’t deserve. Mistery King faced the LA Knight this weekend on Friday Night SmackDown, and Dominik was back in the spotlight. The fight was difficult, the King began to dominate, but his rival did not back down. Dominik stormed the ring when his father tried to end the match, distracting him and causing him to take extra hits. He knew how to keep his composure and, when he was going to execute a 619 to take the victory, his son caught his legs. LA Knight took advantage of the situation and won with a roll up.

Dominik challenged him again on stage, asking him for a confrontation, but the King refused. Since ruining the match didn’t help him get what he wanted, he attacked his mother and sister, who were in the audience following the clash. This tense face to face, with insults included, ended the patience of the masked man. The King returned and punched him in the face, sending him to the ground. “You have forced me into this. You made me hit you. You are not going to disrespect your mother. That’s my wife. Do you want a fight at WrestleMania? You have it. See you at WrestleMania, son,” Mysterio replied, microphone in hand.

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Dominik Mysterio got what he wanted, a confrontation with his father after much disrespect. He withdrew seriously while the masked man took care of his wife and daughter, who had to put up with an embarrassing spectacle. This weekend we will be able to enjoy a tense clash between father and son that will not leave anyone indifferent.

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