Revolut reaches 5 countries in Latin America, the Middle East and South Asia

The super global finance app Revolut has announced that a simplified version of its app will be available in five new countries. It will take place in the next two months. This will allow consumers in more countries to access fast, convenient and secure money transfers, at the best possible exchange rates.

Customers in the additional countries will be able to transfer money to more than 50 countries quickly. A) Yes, Revolut will be closer to connecting people around the world with financial services that are fast, convenient, secure and at competitive prices. It aims to launch in dozens more countries before the end of 2022. It also has additional features, which will be added soon.

Revolut is changing the way the world sends and receives money

Using the global money transfer infrastructure, Revolut allows customers to send and receive money at the touch of a button. There is no commission between Revolut customers. There is only a 1% fee to non-Revolut bank accounts, with a minimum fee of $1 for customers in these five new countries. Any transfer fee will be displayed in the app before the customer hits the transfer button. A competitive exchange rate is offered for international transfers.

Perfect for expats and international students, Revolut will enable customers from other countries to make competitive and secure international transfers in more than 30 currencies. They will be done faster and easier than traditional finance companies. Starting in the coming months, individuals in these countries will be able to download the Revolut app and sign up for the simplified version. Money can be sent around the world in an instantand most transfers are completed within one business day.

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Fast, secure and easy money transfers

Vlad Yatsenko, Chief Technology Officer at Revolut, commented: “We are delighted to launch the Revolut app in five more countries. We continue to expand access to fast, secure and easy Revolut money transfers to countries around the world. Revolut is redefining the way money is sent and received by simplifying the international transfer process, offering competitive rates and always providing the best exchange rate possible.”

“Traditional transfers can hurt customers with hidden fees. But we’re waiving all of our transfer fees if you’re both on Revolut, no matter where you are. In addition, we always offer the best exchange rate possible, something we are very proud of.”

For all those interested in getting the app, Revolut recommends that they join the waiting list. Some customers will be offered early access. To sign up, individuals can download the app on their smartphones and sign up, available on Google Play and the App Store.

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