Review, suspense and the final

Italy is Italy, however they paint it. In blue or white, with eleven players or with ten. And true to that DNA is capable of forcing a final heart attack despite being little less than on the canvas. This was the case at San Siro, where a goal from Pellegrini in the 83rd minute almost ruined Spain’s extraordinary game. There was no time and La Roja qualified for the final of the Nations League. He did it with a 21-year-old boy (Ferran) as a scorer and two 17 (Gavi) and 18 (Pino) ​​as debutants with a note. With people like this one can look to the future with the best face.

That Luis Enrique surprises is no longer a surprise. So Gavi’s ownership, still striking, landed on our ears almost silently. It is always a joy to see people as young as Barça make their debut, with all the possible challenges ahead, but we had to find out if the San Siro was the best possible scenario to load their boots with extra weight. Not only because of the premiere itself, but because of the responsibility of entering the history books of the Spanish National Team, where Ángel Zubieta He held the precocity record since 1936. From the 17 years and 284 days of the Basque to the 17 years and 62 days of the Sevillian. From north to south with the ball as a prize.

Did those stripes weigh on Barça? Absolutely. He asked for the ball, he wanted to be the protagonist of a big game like the ones he does not have to see on TV. The same self-confidence that he showed Chiesa, our executioner in the semifinals of the Eurocup, who in minute 5 confirmed what Cannavaro said yesterday in the pages of this same newspaper: that for Italy one chance is enough to score two goals. Those opportunities had to come from the pressure in the center of the field, with which the azzurra He was trying to drown the ball out of Spain. There it has good Mancini wickers, such as Jorginho, Barella and Verratti, who force you to play without even blinking because otherwise you are lost. The pressure from La Roja, for example, was not the same. And when that happens, those kicks from more than those who are not skilled in that task are more noticeable. For example, Gavi, forced to slow down a Chiesa slalom at minute 13 that threatened to leave his teammates in a face-to-face with Unai Simón.

Between whistles to Donnarumma from his own stands, who does not forgive him for having left Milan for the lights and brightness of Paris, The game was going on when one of those goals that collapse YouTube lifted us from the chair. It is X-rayed like this: Marcos Alonso’s pass parallel to the left wing to Sarabia, who with his left foot crosses to the penalty spot so that Ferran shoots from first to goal. Shiny. Justice to the best game of La Roja, who with the half-groggy rival was about to silence San Siro only a minute later, but the shot from Marcos Alonso slipped out of Donnarumma’s grasp (not even a 1.96 giant is ice when your own fans whistle at you) but he saw the post come to his aid. The 0-2 as a mirage.

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It was time to continue rowing with the conviction that against Italy you always have to do it. Di Lorenzo headed wide for a corner in the 28th. Two minutes later, the strategy of a free-kick between Insigne and Chiesa also ended in a blur. The yellow to Bonucci for protesting was the best synonym of how much the azzurra in his attempt to sink his teeth into the party. It was not necessary to trust, that yes. Bernardeschi was responsible for making it clear, whose shot was deflected to the post by Unai. Also Insigne when a minute later (35) sent a free shot from inside the box after a pass from Emerson into the stands. But the Italian I want and I cannot reached its peak almost on the brink of half-time, when Bonucci saw the second yellow for taking his arm for a walk in a jump with Busquets.

The result and the numerical superiority forced Spain to say what it wanted to be when it grew up. And it did not take long to decide, because just when everything pointed to rest, it was 0-2. Again started in the pass of Marcos Alonso, again with the intervention of Sarabia. But this time it was Oyarzabal who assisted Ferran as a sweet (what a left-handed), who sentenced headfirst. It was the best heading to a first part of ten of La Roja, whose game forced Mancini to take draft measures on the rival bench.

The transalpine coach sat down Bernardeschi and put Chiellini at the start of a second half that presaged infinite physical wear and tear. However, it was Spain that suffered first. He did it from his scorer, as Ferran crashed in minute 49 and had to be substituted. Luis Enrique redoubled his bet with the entry of Yéremi Pino, his second international debut of the night. The canary did not hide either. It slipped to the right wing and from there it became a continual toothache for Emerson and Bastoni. The 0-3 was about to arrive in the 62nd minute after a header from Oyarzabal to a pass from the Villarreal player. Also minutes later, after a tug-of-war stretch to sleep the game, when Marcos Alonso was unable to beat Donnarumma (78 ‘) in a heads-up.

But Italy is always Italy. And with that character he was able to stroke the tie after scoring 1-2 in the 83rd minute. Everything was born in a corner in favor of La Roja. The rejection of Chiellini, the indecision of the Spanish rear and the serious error of Pau Torres that left the ball in Chiesa’s boots. This hurried and yielded at the precise moment to Pellegrini so that the one of the Rome marked to pleasure. Fortunately, it was already late. And the final push of the azzurri did not find the prize of the goal. The victory dressed in red and left Luis Enrique’s men in the final on Sunday. That will be another big game.

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