Review Huawei Smart Band 8: it lacks a bit like that to be a smart watch

When it comes to buying a wearable, we are all torn between the enticing price of smart bands and the variety of features and allure of the most advanced smartwatches. But what if there was a more affordable smartband with more advanced features?

Last week, I tried the new huawei band 8 and (spoiler alert) this is a smart band, which falls a little short of reaching the desirable smartwatch range. Now I share with you my experience with Band 8, one of the latest Huawei wearables for sale in Portugal.

Comfort and featherweight “wrapped” in a very elegant design

image of Huawei Band 8 with charging cable

Having tested some Huawei smartwatches, I have personally seen that the Chinese brand creates good wearables. But I confess that after the smarwatch experience, the expectations for using a smart band were modest. And also naive, since the good surprises started right when I opened the box and picked up this Band 8 for the first time.

Without a strap, the Huawei Band 8 weighs 14 grams and the bracelet adds perhaps three or four grams to this figure. As soon as you pick up this portable device, you will see that it is a Featherweight that it will not be heavy, whatever the situation. On the contrary, it’s so light that sometimes you have to look at your wrist to make sure it’s there.

At first glance, the Band 8 also manages to win over several users for its discreet design Is elegant which can be used on both informal and formal occasions. I’m not a big fan of pink and that was the model I tried. But thanks to the understated metallic pink hue, I’ve never felt tired of the color, or embarrassed to be in front of a Barbie doll.

Image bracelet Huawei Band 8

By placing this wearable device on the wrist, the comfort It’s immediate. The bracelet has the necessary holes to fit any larger or smaller wrist. and the material malleable Is gentle the one it’s made on makes this smartband one of the most comfortable wearables I’ve ever worn.

Then it was time to select the watch face and here I was a little disappointed with the Band 8. There are few free options available, and there are too many models to pay for. By touching the screen a little more, the user will only have access to eight different and pre-installed options.

Ease of use and a screen with a drawback

Image of Huawei Band 8 side button

Huawei Band 8 is quite easy to use. EITHER button situated in side provides immediate access to all its functions. One touch activates the screen and this operation will not be necessary many times, since this model has the functionality always on screen.

A second press of the side button brings up all the sports and health functions that the Band 8 is equipped with. Then simply select the desired option that appears on the touch screen of 1.47 inches.

Although the screen size is small, its format rectangular It provides a good view and in my experience I didn’t need a larger screen to see the icons or information better.

However, this screen that works well and has quality, does not do well outdoors on days with a lot of sunlight.

screenshot of Huawei Band 8 in the sun

On one of the walks I took, I went to a large outdoor space with good sun exposure. In these types of situations, it was difficult to see all the information displayed on the screen. I was getting notifications of milestones and goals set for that session, but I couldn’t see the data I was getting.

On another hike later that day, and in a space not as exposed to sunlight, I was able to see all the metrics and didn’t feel like the screen was struggling with the power of sunlight.

Rich in sports and health characteristics.

Huawei Band 8 sports features image

The Huawei Band 8 provides a lot of motivation for physical activity. It has 100 training modes and the most common -walking, running, cycling, among others- appear on the screen for faster access. Less common modes can be added to the main screen using the customize option.

I am a hiking person. I’m not one to run. On all the hikes I’ve done, the Band 8 easily recorded all the metrics and provided a very detailed report in the app. Huawei Health. In each of the sessions I learned data such as average cadence of steps, average heart rate, how many calories were burned, average speed, and also the usual data of exercise duration and number of steps.

For users with goals in mind, this type of detailed report You will be very welcome. Regarding the more sporadic users in their physical activity, the recording of these metrics can motivate them to practice more and better physical exercise.

Huawei Band 8 heart rate monitoring image

In terms of health, the Huawei Band 8 also has several accurate features and metrics. Every day in the morning provides the sleep report complete in the Huawei Health app, but on its display we know the rest time and the score given by the smartband, in terms of sleep quality.

It also provides real-time data on levels diaries of stress. Once again, to access a more detailed report, the user will need to consult the application. But you also have an option with exercises in breathing for those who feel the most anxious at any given time.

Another advantage of the Huawei Band 8 is that it emits a notification of each phone call received on the smartphone, as well as reminders of appointments made in your digital agenda also on the smartphone. This is a welcome feature for people like me who can’t always easily find their smartphone in their bag and need an up-to-date calendar to (try to) plan their days as well as possible.

Good autonomy and a capricious magnetic charge

image of the magnetic holes of the Huawei Band 8

Huawei announces a range of up to 14 days in normal use of your smart band. From my personal experience, I have confirmed this number. As I have already described, I went hiking with the smart band on my wrist and wore it several nights in a row.

I checked the battery status every day and never needed to run to a power outlet. But of course I tried magnetic charge that Band 8 has. And I found a somewhat capricious system.

Huawei Band 8 Magnetic Charging Image

This magnetic system consists of inserting the plugs of the charging cable into two small holes on the back panel of the screen. I was only able to successfully charge with the cable in one position.

The method of placing the wearable on a magnetic base is much simpler and more practical and Huawei uses it in other wearable models in its portfolio. But of course these devices are more expensive and advanced than this Band 8. And it is a pity that the brand has not yet optimized this system.

Also, the model loads quite quickly and the 45 minutes advertised by the brand to fully charge the battery are verified.

final notes

The Huawei Band 8 has a “small” price of €69.99, but it is a “giant” in terms of features. Whether for a beginner in wearable technology or for an average athlete, this smartband is capable of responding very well to the needs of this type of user.

In fact, it is even a little short of reaching the level of a smart watch. And that translates to being able to answer phone calls, provide better visibility when exposed to strong sunlight, and have more free watch options.

EITHER comfort in its use it manages to convince even the most skeptical user, as well as the diversity in resources. It monitors stress and blood oxygen levels 24 hours a day, shows us the quality of our rest, as well as motivates us during physical activity by displaying the milestones reached during the session.

With the Band 8, Huawei proves once again that it is capable of producing good wearable devices and that with this quality it can even reach the goal of being a leader in this segment.

4 stars

In favor

  • Light
  • elegant design
  • good autonomy
  • very comfortable to wear
  • Packed with health and sports features.
  • Accesible price
  • Good value for money


  • capricious magnetic charge
  • many paid dials
  • Reduced visibility under strong sun exposure.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 43.45 × 24.54 × 8.99mm
  • Weight: 14 grams (without strap)
  • Screen: 1.47-inch AMOLED
  • Resolution: 194×368 pixels
  • Sport: 100 modes
  • Health: sleep monitoring, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, stress levels
  • Charge: Magnetic
  • Water resistance: 5 ATM
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Autonomy: Up to 14 days

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