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Reveal Your Email on WhatsApp: Unlock the Benefits

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The popular messaging app has introduced a new feature, allowing users to store an email address alongside their phone number. This has several benefits. Initially reported by WABetaInfo in August 2023, this feature is now available to all WhatsApp users on Android and iOS.

This feature is particularly useful when registering on a new device with no mobile reception. Instead of receiving a verification code via SMS, users can opt to have it sent to their email address.

The email address can also be used to reset two-factor authentication (2FA) if a user forgets their PIN. According to WhatsApp’s help section, users can provide their email address as an alternative to their phone number for 2FA.

To add an email address to WhatsApp, follow these steps:

1. Open the settings
2. Select “Account” and then “Email address”
3. Enter the desired email address
4. Receive a verification code from WhatsApp and enter it
5. Complete the process

Please note that using an email address can be less secure than a phone number. It is recommended to protect your email address with 2-factor authentication to ensure the highest possible security for your accounts.

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