Returning from Colombia, a Venezuelan was carrying 150,000 fake dollars

The bundles were concealed in a radio. A Venezuelan was arrested on his arrival in his country from Colombia with almost 150,000 US dollars in counterfeit notes, according to a military report. He was arrested during a routine search at the Peracal military checkpoint, between the towns of San Antonio del Táchira in Venezuela and Cúcuta in Colombia.

The soldiers came across banknotes “hidden in a portable radio” and “on inspecting them, they found that they were counterfeit dollars. In total, they counted 148,700 in American currency, ”details the report.

Four to five complaints per month

Venezuela has repeatedly warned against the circulation of counterfeit greenbacks, and the penal and criminal scientific investigations section registers four to five complaints a month.

The dollar has, in fact, become the currency of use in Venezuela hit by a crisis and hyperinflation. The official currency remains the bolivar but the government justifies the informal use of the dollar as “a valve” in the face of the “economic blockade of Washington”.

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