Return of 55 French citizens from Syrian camps

55 French citizens among Syrian refugees have been repatriated.

According to the statement of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an operation was carried out to repatriate French citizens and their children in Kurdish-run camps in Syria and 55 people were sent back.

Among the repatriated citizens are 40 children and 15 women. The children have been handed over to Child Care Services where they will be provided with all medical and social facilities while the women will be handed over to judicial authorities for legal proceedings.

2 French women living in Syrian camps have appealed to the European Court of Human Rights to return to their country. These women went to Syria to join ISIS.

ISIS had declared its caliphate in Syria and Iraq and invited people to come here through social media.

40,000 foreigners, including thousands of women, have gone to Syria and Iraq, caught up in ISIS’s propaganda.

These women married ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq, and now there are thousands of women and children in camps in Syria who wish to return to their home countries.

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