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Retirement at 60, increase in the minimum wage: Nupes unveils its economic proposals

The legislative elections are launched on the side of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes). The left alliance has indeed unveiled a series of 650 measures, 33 of which are subject to divergence. Here are the main ones:

Social measures

  • Block and lower the prices of basic necessities
  • Immediately raise the minimum wage to 1,500 euros net per month
  • Reinstate retirement at age 60 at full rate with 40 contribution years (compared to 62 currently, editor’s note)
  • Revalue retirement pensions, go to 1,500 euros minimum per month for a full career and 1,063 euros for the minimum old age- Organize a social conference in Matignon on salaries.

The climate

  • Objective of a 65% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 (compared to 40% currently)
  • “End with pesticides”
  • Create at least one million jobs thanks to the investment in the ecological and social bifurcation and redirect credit with a public banking pole- Invest massively in renewable energies, the rail network and the total renovation of at least 700,000 housing units by year
  • Recognize “the crime of ecocide”


  • Restore an ISF including a climate component
  • Toughen penalties against tax evasion
  • 14 brackets instead of 5 for income tax
  • Maximum inheritance of 12 million euros to finance the autonomy of young people
  • Autonomy guarantee from 18 years old
  • housing shield

Health and education

  • Guarantee access to all essential public services within 15 to 30 minutes of any place of residence
  • Reimburse all prescribed care at 100%
  • Recruit and upgrade 100,000 caregivers for the public hospital and 240,000 staff for nursing homes, fight against medical deserts
  • Deconjugalize and increase the allowance for disabled adults (AAH) at the level of the SMIC
  • Law to guarantee everyone the right to choose their end of life
  • Add abortion to the Constitution
  • Reimburse medically assisted procreation (PMA), make it accessible to trans people
  • Remove Blanquer reforms from tray

The institutions

  • Switch to the 6th Republic (RIC, proportional)
  • Recognize the blank vote and establish the right to vote for foreign residents in local elections
  • Anti-concentration law in the media and initiating their democratization

Justice, security and discrimination

  • “End” prison overcrowding
  • Restore community policing
  • Repeal the Global Security Act, ban “mutilating weapons”, lethal immobilization techniques and the “trap”
  • Global action plan against discrimination
  • Repeal of the law against “separatism”


  • Train other states to “reorient European policies”, being ready “not to respect European rules”
  • It is for some parties to “disobey”, for others to “depart temporarily”
  • End the Stability and Growth Pact and repeal the 3% deficit and 60% debt fiscal rules
  • Defend Ukraine’s sovereignty and the integrity of its borders, “in the face of the war crimes decided by Vladimir Putin”

The subjects of disagreement

On NATO, LFI wants an exit from the integrated command of NATO and the Alliance itself “in stages” while the PCF wants the “dissolution” of NATO. The PS is in favor of keeping France in NATO and supports with EELV “the intensification of arms deliveries to Ukraine and the establishment of a total and immediate embargo on Russian imports of oil, coal, nuclear fuel and gas”.

On nuclear power, the PCF does not share the objective of 100% renewables and the abandonment of EPR projects.

On hunting, the PS and the PCF do not support the proposals on the subject. Among these measures, the text mentions the establishment of days without hunting on weekends, public holidays and during school holidays.

On agriculture, the PS shares the objective in 2050 of converting 100% of the useful agricultural area to agroecology, but not limited to organic. The PS does not support the framing of agricultural prices by maximum prices.

On nationalizations, the PS is against the nationalization of the marine energy branch of Alstom, the offshore wind branch of Areva and the Alcatel Submarine Network. He is also against the nationalization of generalist banks, such as EELV

Finally on the police, the PS will not support the creation of a commission of inquiry into “police violence”, a term which it rejects.


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