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Restoration of normalcy in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: Due to the effective strategy of the Saudi authorities, the normal life in the kingdom is gradually being restored. Educational institutions have also been opened since yesterday.

According to Arab media reports, at the beginning of academic activities in educational institutions, the Saudi Ministry of Education has also issued special instructions for students, which must be followed. Millions of students are experimenting with going to class for the first time since the closure of educational institutions due to the Corona epidemic.

The Ministry of Education says that students must follow the necessary instructions to avoid the epidemic, administer both doses of the vaccine at the earliest opportunity and wear masks while attending educational institutions.

Students should never shake hands while social distance is also important. When sneezing, use a handkerchief or bend down to sneeze so that viral particles are not transmitted to others.

The Saudi Ministry of Education has instructed that lunch be served in the classroom, regular cleaning of school supplies, and general hygiene. Students repeatedly sanitize hands.

The Saudi government provided great relief

At the beginning of the new academic year, the teaching staff along with the students are also required to be SOPs.


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