Bern: The Swiss government has given the green light to restore frozen Russian assets.

According to foreign media reports, the Swiss government has reportedly frozen Russian assets worth 6.3 billion Swiss francs in the wake of international sanctions, a figure that exceeds 7.5 million Swiss francs.

Speaking to reporters, Bollinger, a senior official at the Swiss Economic Affairs Agency, hinted that “we cannot freeze Russian funds unless there is a solid reason for our pact.”

Meanwhile, the Swiss bank lobby has revealed that the country’s banks have دولت 213 billion worth of Russian assets, stating that their two biggest defaulters are UBS and Credit Suisse, each rich Russian. Ten billion francs for customers, these figures show that Credit Suisse alone froze 10.4 billion Swiss francs for Russian clients.

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It should be noted that after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, sanctions were imposed on Russia by other countries, including Europe and the United States. In this regard, Switzerland has so far frozen Russia’s 8 8 billion assets.

Some time ago, Swiss authorities reported that they had frozen about ً 5.75 billion in Russian assets, and now the number of assets has risen to ارب 8 billion.