Restaurants prepare for the health pass

The Constitutional Council validated this Thursday the mandatory implementation of the health pass to access restaurants from August 9. In Paris, the clients of this restaurant seem convinced, but the boss fears the reaction of more recalcitrant people.

At dinner time at this restaurant, the atmosphere is relaxed. Don’t worry here, the health pass is unanimous: “I am very happy that this health pass exists, and precisely I do not understand why we are against it if it can bring us security and get us out of the crisis is the most important thing”; “I think it’s good, it will allow us to be more secure”; “I think this whole vaccination thing is ultimately a civic duty, so I don’t have a problem.”

The staff is relieved to be able to continue working, but the reception of customers on Monday arouses some apprehension: “Those who are going to reject, we do not know how they will react, if they will have violent reactions, verbal or physical, that is one of our great concerns ”.

Tonight the 35 tables are occupied, but the waiters hope to be less busy next week: “I had a reservation for Tuesday, when I told him about the health pass, the person told me that he finally canceled, I find it a shame.” .

In the absence of sanitary approval checks, restaurant managers risk receiving a formal notice. Your establishment may be closed for a maximum of 7 days.

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