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Barcelona faces a key week to redirect a situation that has become complicated on three main fronts. In sports, It’s time to face tomorrow Monday against Girona and respond to the painful elimination due to the result against Real Madrid and continue to maintain the leadership of the competition. ANDAt the institutional level, which borders on the financial and economic future of the entity, the financing agreement for Espai Barça must be closed once and for all, that has been hanging by the fringes for ten days and finally, At the media level it seems that this time yes, that he is serious, and that next Wednesday the 12th will be the one chosen so that Joan Laporta can give his first public explanations about the Negreira Case, which broke out on February 15.

In the sporting aspect, the response must be immediate so as not to create the instability, already inevitable, that happens after the defeats against Real Madrid. Girona arrives, a team that has shown that it is capable of scoring on any field. Xavi, at most, will be able to change the starting game system, but he will still not be able to incorporate any of the players he missed in the Cup semifinal.

Neither Pedri, nor Dembélé, nor Frenkie de Jong nor Christensen will arrive on time to face this match in which Xavi will have to continue counting on what he has. But beyond the merely sporting issue, the responses that the fans expect are different and that affect the future of Barcelona as an Institution much more seriously.

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Barcelona fans await responses from their president on the Negreira Case. The smear campaign suffered by the club from different media platforms and friendly clubs is taken for granted, but an explanation is needed that has not arrived.

From the club it was said that it would respond as soon as the results of a external audit led by the lawyer Andreu van en Eynde from which conclusions are still awaited.

The news about an appearance by Laporta to at least explain what his lawyers allow him to say on the subject could come this week. From the club environment they point to Wednesday, April 12 as the date chosen to appear. In fact, if he hasn’t done it before, it’s for the reason that hangs from other pending explanations, those of the financing of Espai Barça. Another important topic.

Last March 31 was the day that Barcelona had set itself the limit, in the words of its own president, to close the agreement with investors who through Goldman Sachs will put 1,500 million for the new Camp Nou. An agreement that is not known if it is closed or pending responses. They are all expected this week.

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