Resolution does not yet cover foreigners

The Government issued three resolutions on Thursday in which it formalizes the work of domestics in the country. However, the treatment that will be given to the issues of wage increases and social security for foreign domestic workers has not yet been discussed.

For such purposes, a commission made up of the Committee of Housewives, who will act as the employer, as well as the Association of Domestic Workers (ATH), will be convened to discuss issues related to foreigners in this type of work.

This information was offered yesterday to Listín Diario by the president of the National Confederation of Trade Union Unity (CNUS), Rafael Pepe Abreu.

The trade unionist explained that, despite the fact that the resolutions have already been announced, they are still under construction, recalling that a period of three months was given for their application.

Pepe Abreu commented that of the total number of domestic workers in the country, more than half are Haitians, who rarely have the documentation required for these processes.

He said that with regard to recent measures such as integration into the Dominican Social Security System, there is a situation that would make it difficult for these undocumented employees, because in order to have health rights and occupational risks they have to have legal documents.


The president of the Association of Committees of Consumer Housewives and Service Users (Acacdisna), Ana Vertilia Cabrera, consulted separately, indicated that they have accompanied all these workers over the years in the fight for the claim of their rights. , as well as the need to carry out a real uprising of the workers in this sector. “Homes are not companies, they are social structures, a family looks for a worker out of necessity”, emphasized Ana Vertilia Cabrera.

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It should be noted that the resolutions announced by the Government include a salary increase, plus rest hours and their inclusion in social security.


Domestic workers will also enjoy the right to a Christmas salary, no later than December 20 of each year.

In addition, a working day for domestic workers of eight hours per day and 36 hours of weekly rest is established.

Also, both parties will determine the hours in which the domestic workers will present their services, being clearly stipulated in the employment contract, including the breaks within the working day that the worker provides on the same day.

The resolutions recognize other rights, such as registration with the Social Security Treasury, improved family health and occupational risk insurance coverage, survival and disability pensions, as well as a plan for inclusion in the solidarity pension program.

President Luis Abinader led the presentation ceremony for the formalization of domestic work in San Francisco de Macorís.

Resolution number 14-2022 on the adaptation and harmonization of measures tend to improve compliance with Convention 189 of the International Labor Organization (ILO), and indicates that both parties will determine the hours in which domestic workers present their services, remaining clearly stipulated in the employment contract, including breaks within the working day provided by the worker on the same day.

Male and female workers must have a rest of 36 hours a week, in accordance with the terms of the contract.

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