Resistencia, the street dog that comes to power with Lula

He has no pedigree or known breed. She was rescued from the street by leftist militants who supported Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva when he was in prison. She was baptized Resistencia and now she has come to the Government with the new president.

Lula’s little bitch and his wifeRosângela "janja" da Silva, went up the ramp that leads to the headquarters of the government palace together with the new presidential couple and various people from the town, who represented the diversity of Brazilian society at the inauguration ceremony.

Resistance appeared at the end of 2018 in a camp set up by dozens of people in front of the prison where Lula was in the city of Curitiba, convicted of corruption matters in trials that were later annulled by the Justice.

In the call "Free Lula Vigil" he found shelter and always had some food, with which he settled down and even became part of that movement in support of the now president.

Janja, until then Lula’s girlfriend, decided to adopt her after Resistencia had a health problem and spent a few days admitted to a veterinary clinic.

Since Lula regained his freedom, Resistencia, as well as Paris, another stray dog ​​that Janja already had, appears frequently in family photos.

Now, the street dog from Curitiba will move to the Palacio de la Alvoradathe official residence of the Presidency in Brasilia, which Lula and Janja will occupy for the next four years.

Resistencia will also be the image of campaigns for animal rights that Janja intends to promote from her new position as first lady.

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