The Voice band leader Jeroen Rietbergen confesses to having had “contact of a sexual nature” with women who have been involved in The Voice of Holland. His client ITV (then Talpa) was already aware of the allegations, according to Rietbergen’s letter.

He would have been unaware of his dominant position as bandleader of the talent show, and experienced the contact “at the time as reciprocal and equal”. He has now “became very aware” that the women involved in the contact “may have experienced the contact very differently”, the statement said.

The letter states that he is aware that he has made a mistake. He also offers his “sincere apologies” to the women he has had sexual contact with.

‘Strongly spoken’

His client already knew about it, according to Rietbergen’s letter. In it he writes that a few years ago he was “strongly addressed” by that client. Lawyer Peter Plasman, speaking on behalf of Rietbergen, says it is about production company Talpa, which was later taken over by ITV. ITV previously wrote in a response that there is a zero-tolerance policy “on the kind of behavior that is said to have taken place”.

ITV would not respond to the report that it has been aware of the allegations against Rietbergen for years.

RTL, which will temporarily stop broadcasting The Voice, wrote in a statement earlier today that the allegations of sexually transgressive behavior and abuse of power were not known to the channel.


Rietbergen also writes that he informed his partner Linda de Mol about sexual contact with women at the time. The couple then separated for some time, Rietbergen followed therapy to change his behavior “drasically and permanently”, he writes in the letter. They are now back together.

“I should never have done the things I have done,” Rietbergen continues in the statement. “I would like to offer my sincere apologies to the women concerned for things I should never have done.”

According to Plasman, there are no criminal offenses based on the letter from BNNVARA program BOOS to Rietbergen.

Ali b

In addition to Rietbergen, coach and jury member Ali B would be involved in reporting on sexually transgressive behavior at The Voice of Holland. Ali B’s lawyer confirms that a complaint has been filed against his client.

Ali B’s management, Spec, wrote in a statement on Instagram that “a lot is still unclear”. “But one thing is clear: Ali has never abused his position and has never behaved sexually across borders.”


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