Residents of the Gaza Strip are fleeing to the south of the Gaza Strip and are being cornered by a new offensive by the Israeli army

Israel increases its bombardment of the southern Gaza Strip. Netanyahu’s army accuses Hamas of breaking the humanitarian pause and violating the hostage-taking agreement “by refusing to release more women, children and babies.” “Hamas fires rockets at houses. “It is clear to everyone: Hamas has chosen war,” said Daniel Hagari, a spokesman for the Israeli army.

Cornered by Benjamin Netanyahu’s army, tens of thousands of Gaza civilians are fleeing the bombings and crowding around Rafah, where Chaos, overcrowding and a lack of basic services lead to the first epidemicswhile the few hospitals that are still in operation cannot cope.

“We are facing many problems and the most important one is that there are no health workers. This is how we do anesthesia and surgery with what we have. “It is a challenge to obtain certain materials and we lack oxygen for operations,” warns Mohamed Obai, a doctor at Al-Awda Hospital in Gaza.

A new ceasefire is not in sight despite diplomatic efforts and humanitarian aid is once again not being distributed due to Israel’s explicit ban.

“There is no safe place in Gaza,” the UN said

The United Nations denounces that there is no longer a safe place in the Gaza Strip and calls for the need to open an investigation into possible war crimes against Israel. According to the Gaza Ministry of Health Israeli army attacks have killed more than 15,500 people since October 7, around half of whom were minorsS.

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