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Research: More than 50% of Americans see crypto as the future

Onderzoek: meer dan 50% van Amerikanen ziet crypto als de toekomst

Grayscale Investments, an American investment company, recently shared the results of a new survey showing that more than half of Americans are convinced that cryptocurrencies are the future. The survey was conducted by Harris Poll, an American market research and analysis company. This company analyzes the sentiment, behavior and motivations of American adults.

The survey was conducted between October 6 and 11 and involved a total of 2,039 participants. 52% of all US participants agreed with the statement: ‘cryptocurrencies are the future of finance’. The survey also found that 59% of those who agreed with the statement were Democrats. The other 41% were logically Republicans. 44% of participants who agreed with the statement are seriously considering adding digital assets to their investment portfolio.

Crypto Regulation

A large majority, 81%, said in the survey that they want clear regulations on cryptocurrencies to ensure the safety of investments and to discourage illegal activity around digital currencies. Also, 80% of the participants have indicated that they want to take responsibility for determining the best way to invest in this new sector.

Bitcoin in retirement plan

Last week in the bitcoin news you could find the results of an earlier study by Charles Schwab, an American financial services company, regarding crypto as part of a pension plan. These results showed that 46% of Generation Z Americans (born between 1996 and 2010) would like to see cryptocurrencies back in their retirement plan, or 401(k) account.

Of all American millennials (born between 1980 and 1995), 45% would like to make digital assets part of their 401(k) account. Among the older generations, the demand for crypto in the pension plan was much lower. Generation X Americans (born between 1960 and 1980) and boomers (born between 1941 and 1955) said that 31% and 11%, respectively, would like to see crypto in their retirement plans.

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