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Research: 60% understand little or nothing about crypto

Onderzoek: 60% snapt weinig tot niets van crypto

The crypto industry has grown at a rapid pace over the past few years. Where in 2013 only a handful of people ever bitcoin (BTC), that is no longer the case today. Nevertheless, a majority of people are not yet well aware of the world of crypto. A new study shows that at least 60% actually don’t understand cryptocurrencies yet.

Substandard crypto knowledge

In the research, conducted by Toluna was conducted, it appears that 57% of the people surveyed had heard of cryptocurrencies. This makes it the most well-known investment opportunity after equities.

Nevertheless, 60% of the respondents indicated that they do not understand anything about cryptocurrencies today and what exactly the crypto industry is all about. The study surveyed 10,500 people with ages ranging from 18 to 64 years.

Of those surveyed who have already invested in cryptocurrencies, 42% say they plan to expand their crypto portfolio during the next six months. This while the crypto market as a whole today is of course deep in the red. 81% of surveyed crypto investors indicate that they do not intend to part with their crypto in the next six months. cryptocurrencies.

According to Toluna’s research, crypto knowledge is also lacking among crypto investors. 32% of investors indicate that, despite the fact that they have purchased crypto, they still have too little knowledge about this asset class. 28% of them indicate that crypto is actually not safe enough at all.

Reasons to invest in crypto

The research also shows that people invest in cryptocurrencies for a lot of different reasons. First of all, for 36% this is stable growth in the long term. 35% want to make money quickly in the short term. 30% invest in crypto to diversify their portfolio and 25% want to use cryptocurrencies to make online payments.

The general attitude towards crypto is still optimistic, and there still seems to be a lot of people who want to embrace the crypto market sometime in the future, despite the current state of the market.

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