Republicans still deadlocked in House after 9 rounds

We take the same and start again. The Republican Party’s internal war continues for the third day in a row, Thursday, and the House still has no Speaker. After nine ballots, twenty slingers torpedo the candidacy of Kevin McCarthy, thus equaling the deadlock of 1923, with negotiations at a standstill.

Thursday morning, Kevin McCarthy, who is supported by Donald Trump, has yet made new concessions. In particular, he accepted the main demand of the rebel Republicans: to allow a single elected representative to file a motion of censure against a Speaker, to limit his power. But nothing, apart from his scalp, seems to satisfy the 21 “Never Kevins”. With a tiny majority in the House, Kevin McCarthy only has a margin of maneuver of four votes.

A vote for Donald Trump

In the 7th round, 19 elected officials chose their anti-system candidate, Byron Donalds, a simply “present”, and Matt Gaetz played the trolls by voting for Donald Trump – because the American Constitution does not specify that a Speaker must be a elected from the House.

In this face-to-face, rebellious Lauren Boebert named a second alternative in the 9th round, Kevin Hern, in addition to Byron Donalds. But each faction is sticking to its positions, and the elected officials will have to decide between continuing to vote or trying to close the session to return to the negotiating table.

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