Republicans are investigating the FBI for using undercover agents in churches

The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by the Republicans, said Monday that it is investigating the FBI for having sought the participation of Catholic places of worship as potential sources to inform on their parishioners.

The committee vindicated that Americans should be able to exercise their fundamental First Amendment rights, which protect the right to freedom of religion and expression, without fear that the FBI has placed "informants" in their centers of worship.

His investigations are focused on how the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigated cases of violent extremism of Catholic Americans.

According to their sources, the FBI used at least one undercover agent to develop its analysis and proposed that its agents approach Catholic parishes to source among the clergy and their leadership to gather information on the faithful.

This "amazing information"in his opinion, makes them request the documents that exist in this regard and summon the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, to cooperate in their parliamentary investigation.

The power of that research is limited. Members of Congress can hold public hearings to learn more about issues they find of concern, but their impact is typically limited to changes at the regulatory level.


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