Republican Senate Chairman Mitch McConnell suffers paralysis for the second time in the entire press conference

Mitch McConnell was stunned again. The Minority Leader in the Senate fell into a state of paralysis lasting several seconds on Wednesday while answering questions from the press after speaking at the Chamber of Commerce in the city of Covington, Kentucky.

was the second time in just over a month that the 81-year-old Republican of that state was involved in a similar incident. This time he was silent for 19 seconds before the Capitol cameras waited for his testimony. the senators John Barrasso And Joni Erns They were forced to remove him from the shot like someone removing a poster. However, he managed to come back a few minutes later to continue replying. “I’m fine,” he then clarified.

“Are you running for re-election, Senator?” asked one of the reporters covering his conference in Covington on Wednesday. problems. McConnell couldn’t give a straight answer. was petrified. He couldn’t even move his lips. At that moment, one of his assistants enters the scene, who asks him again if he heard the journalist’s words. Again, the Republican continues without formulating an answer. Just like a few weeks earlier in the Capitol, McConnell was able to step in a few minutes later to provide more answers.

“Leader McConnell felt momentarily dizzy during his press conference today and paused,” the Republican minority leader’s entourage in the US Upper House explained to the media. This was also emphasized by another member of his team “he’s ok”but that he would consult his doctor as a “precautionary measure” the next time he had to deal with the press.

There is a medical explanation for the incident. And it’s that McConnell suffered a fall in early March during a private dinner at a Washington hotel. Result: a concussion and a broken rib that kept him off duty for six weeks. He returned in April, but the aftermath of this event called into question his continuity not only in the first line of politics but also in active politics.

The Republican from Kentucky was first elected to the Senate in 1984 Party leader since 2007According to local press, he used a wheelchair at the airport on the trip to and from Kentucky. Since then he seems to be walking more slowly and his speech sounds more choppy.

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