Republican audit (re) confirms Biden victory in Arizona

For those who matter, this marks the fourth time Joe Biden has won Arizona. After the count and two official audits, Republicans loyal to Donald Trump had commissioned a new audit of the main county of this state won by a little more than 10,000 votes in advance by Joe Biden during the presidential election last November. After months of controversy and teasing, the verdict officially fell on Friday: the audit of Maricopa County, which includes the city of Phoenix, found 99 more votes for Joe Biden and 261 less for Donald Trump. Who nevertheless cried, once again, to fraud.

This audit had been entrusted to Cyber ​​Ninjas, a firm with no experience of this kind of exercise led by a supporter of Donald Trump and his accusations of fraud. More than 2 million ballots have been hand-checked for secret marks or bamboo fibers – to support a conspiracy theory claiming the ballots were sent from Asia. Computer data was even transported to a secret Montana residence, and no outside observer was able to oversee the operation, which was months behind schedule.

Trump persists

In the end, a lot of effort for nothing. Joe Biden’s winning margin is therefore even a little larger than that revealed after the ballot, won by Joe Biden with some 45,500 votes in advance in Maricopa County.

The Republican billionaire, who lets hover the idea of ​​a new candidacy in 2024, swept these numerical conclusions on Friday. He preferred to highlight allegations of fraud presented in the same audit report and detailed during his presentation on Friday afternoon by his sponsors, Republicans in the Arizona Senate, especially on supernumerary ballots or voters themselves. – saying ineligible.

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These charges were swept away one by one, live on Twitter Friday, by authorities in Maricopa County. These conclusions “should mark the end of this story, all the rest is just agitation”, reacted the Republican head of the organization of the elections in Maricopa County, Jack Sellers. The final word to Arizona Republican Paul Boyer, who initially supported this audit but quickly became disillusioned, concluding: “We went for idiots.”

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