Reports shake up Facebook

Facebook was hit by scathing reports from at least a dozen US media outlets based on internal documents on Monday, just hours before the company’s expected earnings release.

The social media giant has faced a storm of criticism since its former employee Frances Haugen leaked internal studies showing the company was aware of the potential damage its websites were causing, prompting US lawmakers to renew pressure for its regulation.

Monday’s reports blame Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg that the platform bows to state censors in Vietnam, allows hate speech to rise internationally due to linguistic deficiencies, and knows its algorithm fuels toxic polarization in line.

“Facebook Papers are so damning, so disturbing, so disgusting, and should lead to swift action at the federal level,” tweeted Fordham University law professor Zephyr Teachout, referring to the nickname given to the leak. company information.

Journalistic organizations such as the newspapers The New York Times, The Washington Post and Wired are among those that have received access to the set of internal Facebook documents that Haugen originally leaked to the US authorities and that were the basis of a series of scathing articles of the The Wall Street Journal newspaper.

Facebook called the information a partial publication of its internal studies aimed at creating a negative and inaccurate impression about the social network, used by billions of people.

The company plans to publish its quarterly earnings on Monday, which soared during the pandemic due to the mass use of online tools by people who sought to shelter at home from the virus. Haugen, who will testify to British lawmakers on Monday, has repeatedly said that the company puts its continued growth and therefore profits, the well-being and safety of users before it.

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Facebook has already been hit by major crises, but revelations about what goes on behind the scenes at the company have fueled a frenzy of scathing reporting and a renewed push from US lawmakers to take action on social media regulation.

The Washington Post article published Monday claimed that Zuckerberg had personally signed an initiative by the authoritarian government of Vietnam to limit the circulation of so-called “anti-state” publications.

FIGURES Earnings
Facebook reported earnings of more than $ 9 billion in the last quarter on Monday and its users increased despite the social network facing a crisis for allegedly putting growth before security.

Facebook, criticized because it cares more about growing economically and increasing its power, said its profit is 17% higher than the same quarter last year and the number of monthly users increased 6% to 2.81 billion.


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