REPORTAGE. Midterms 2022: in Philadelphia, the insecurity put forward by the Republicans to rally the last undecided voters

On Kensington Avenue, north of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), syringes circulate in broad daylight and people prick themselves even on the steps of the subway. Nine people were still shot and injured on Saturday 5 November. Pedro saw the neighborhood sink. “I don’t want to wander around anymore, says the driver, there’s no way. I’ve seen 16 or 17 year old kids shoot each other in the middle of the day while I was driving my Uber, it’s insane.” He will therefore vote Mehmet Oz for the Senate seat in the midterm elections. He was convinced by the Republican and his punchy ads, devoted to the alleged laxity of his opponent, Democrat John Fetterman.

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In Pennsylvania, as elsewhere, inflation or the right to abortion have had a prominent place in the campaign for the midterm elections – but it is insecurity that has become the spearhead of the Republicans in the big cities, like Philadelphia.

Between Mehmet Oz and John Fetterma, the battle for a senator seat in Washington DC is particularly tight. The Republican has therefore multiplied the campaign clips. A twelve million dollar hype around insecurity intended to rally precious undecided people like Jay. He sweeps the sheets in front of his door and on the eve of the election, he was still reluctant to go and vote. “If I could, I would move, he regrets. There is too much crime. I’m old, I’m 76, I don’t run as fast as I used to. But hey, there are always crimes, one day things will get better…”

Disillusioned voters

If there are still voters to convince like Jay, many are totally disillusioned. “Excuse my language, said Lou, but the politicians don’t do anything for us.” He works for RideFree, an association intended to get young people off the streets. “It’s the most drug-infested part of town, a kid can make $1,000 a day. So we try to stop them, tell them we’ve been there too. In the end , there is only prison or death. That’s how we help the community.”

His sidekick Marcel has made his decision: he will vote Democratic. “I don’t believe there will be an impact no matter who we choose.he confides. But I also know that being paralyzed by this reality doesn’t help either. So I made this decision. I lean towards the Democrats… but it’s really not because I love them madly !” Even if he goes to the polls reluctantly, his vote is nevertheless crucial for this ultra-tight election, on which the future majority in the Senate may depend.

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The insecurity of the Republicans’ hobbyhorse in Pennsylvania: the report by Loig Loury

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