Report of the Human Rights League on Sainte-Soline: “They saw what I saw: massively deployed weapons of war”, says ecologist Marine Tondelier

“They saw what I also saw: weapons of war deployed massively and used indiscriminately”, reports this Monday on BlazeTrends Marine Tondelier, national secretary of EELV after the publication of the report of the League of the rights of the Man on the maintenance of order during the demonstration in Sainte-Soline on March 25 at which she was present

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In this text, the LDH points to the responsibility of the State. The 150-page report is based on field work by the twenty observers present during the mobilization, which had resulted in violent clashes between demonstrations and the police. The report highlights the “deliberate desire not to provide assistance as soon as possible” and a use “disproportionate” weapons by law enforcement.

“An independent version of the facts that comes closer to the truth”

“It’s a report that confirms what I had seen and experienced on the spot”continues Marine Tondelier who believes that “this report allows for a very important thing: an independent version of the facts which comes close to the truth which is not there to be politically manipulated by one or the other, but to say what independent experts have seen on the spot “.

Present on March 25 in Sainte-Soline, she affirms that “everyone was targeted, including elected officials and the injured who were trying to protect on the spot, well away from the clashes”. Facts “serious in a democracy”, according to her.

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Asked about the follow-up expected after the publication of this report, she lists several points: “It was a question of commissions of inquiry” but also of“ongoing investigations”. She recalls having been “heard in particular by the General Inspectorate of the Gendarmerie because there are wounded who have requested internal investigations”. It is therefore “important” according to her “that the expertises multiply so that one day, we know the truth”. The truth “that we owe to the wounded, but also because I think that the maintenance of order – as it is organized in France – must evolve”.

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