Report concludes car that crashed in Maldonado, killing 4-year-old boy, was speeding

The car that overran and killed Dylan, the 4-year-old who died on the outskirts of the city of Maldonado on the night of October 29, 2023 was on his way there speeding, according to the traffic accident report.

The family’s lawyer, Rafael Silva, said: “It is clear and clear that the vehicle that tragically struck Dylan at the moment of impact was traveling at a speed exceeding the speed limit in the area.”

Silva stated that the report also refers to the two other vehicles that drove past the scene a few minutes before the accident and did not help the child before he was hit. As for the vehicles, which have not yet been identified, the attorney said that “they were traveling at a speed that obviously allowed them to avoid Dylan because they were traveling at a speed appropriate for the area.”

The defense attorney for Dylan’s family assured that the report, as technical evidence, would allow the prosecution to bring charges against the driver who hit the child. “We assume that with this technical report the public prosecutor would be able to request the formalization of the investigation,” he reflected.

“The speed at which the ram vehicle would circulate was too high and inappropriate for the moment and conditions,” Silva said. The driver “left a long braking impression. The technical report shows that it was impossible for him to escape the attack.”

The report also states that the blow that caused Dylan’s death occurred on the right sidewalk when the little boy had already finished crossing.

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