New Delhi: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has termed the court’s decision to close the ablution room of Gyan Vapi Mosque as unjust and said that the current situation regarding the mosque is unacceptable to Muslims.

According to Indian media reports, a press release issued by the General Secretary of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, stated that His guidance is based on utter injustice and Muslims cannot tolerate it at all.

The statement said that the attempt to make Gyan Vapi Mosque a temple is nothing more than a conspiracy to create sectarian hatred. The current situation regarding Gyan Vapi Mosque is unacceptable to Muslims. And Taqiyyat will remain a mosque.

Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani said that it was against the historical facts and against the law. Muslims have the right to pray in it.

According to the statement, the court had also decided how much of the disputed land is a mosque and how much is a temple. At the same time, the ablution house was recognized as the property of the mosque. Then in 1991, the Places of Worship Act was passed by the Parliament, which summed up that the places of worship which were in 1947 will be maintained in the same condition.

In addition, in the judgment in the Babri Masjid case in 1919, the Supreme Court made it very clear that all places of worship would now be subject to this law and this law is in accordance with the basic spirit of the Constitution of India.

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board in its press release said that ignoring all these points and issuing a survey order and then closing the ablution room on that basis is a blatant violation and a violation of the law, which One cannot expect the same from a court.

This action of the court has violated the requirements of justice so the government should immediately stop the implementation of this decision, wait for the decision of Allahabad High Court and protect all religious places as per 1991 law. ۔ If the status of places of worship is changed on the basis of such imaginary arguments, then the whole country will fall prey to chaos.

On the other hand, Asad-ud-Din Owaisi, head of All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-e-Muslimeen, while reacting to the court’s decision, said that it was not a shoveling but an immediate one and it was immediate in every mosque. It should be noted that the order to seal off the area is a violation of the 1991 Act.