Renowned goalkeeper is offered to Valencia CF: Baraja wants him

Valencia CF is aware that the best players in the squad will continue to leave the club and that they must focus on the arrival of young talents so that the team does not suffer from a sporting aspect, something Rubén Baraja has understood since his arrival

Although there are clear discrepancies between what the club gives and what the coach demands, Ruben Baraja He is a man of the house and will do everything in his power for the good of the house Valencia CF. However, as he himself explained at his last press conferences, he is dissatisfied with the team’s transfer market because he has too small a squad at his disposal.

Although it’s hard to imagine, the situation could have been even worse. And an important player like Mamardashvili could have left, with clubs like Chelsea, Bayern Munich and even Real Madrid exploring the possibility of adding him to the team. Therefore now With Rubén Baraja, a renowned goalkeeper has been offered for Valencia CF.

Baraja says yes to the offer received from Valencia CF
Rubén Baraja says yes to a new signing

Baraja says yes to Valencia CF’s latest offer

Mamardashvili’s situation this summer is just a taste of what’s to come. The Georgian goalkeeper will sooner or later leave the club, which will have to look for a new goalkeeper on the market. And we already know that A big name player has been offered to Valencia CF to man the Mestalla goal the next few years.

On this occasion, The player offered to Valencia CF was Lucas Cañizares. The son of legend Santi Cañizares is currently Real Madrid Castilla’s starting goalkeeper but finds himself in a delicate contract situation. A situation that, together with the fact that the first team’s goal is well covered, seems to be his verdict at the white club.

Another Cañizares among the Mestalla sticks

At 21 years old, Lucas Cañizares knows his final season at Real Madrid Castilla is approaching. But not only that, he also knows that with Lunin, Courtois and Kepa in the first team, his exit is assured. That’s why he’s looking for a new goal. And everything points to the possibility that he could follow in his father’s footsteps.

Regarding the Valencia CF, Rubén Baraja would have said yes when he arrived. Not only because he has a good relationship with his father, with whom he shared the locker room for several years, but also because he is aware of his potential. This way we could next season Watch Cañizares defend the Mestalla goal again After several years.

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