Home Entertainment René Brea responds to Fausto Mata:

René Brea responds to Fausto Mata:

René Brea responds to Fausto Mata:

“I think that what happened with Fausto is the living example that the madman does not eat his own,” he began. Rene Brea his explanation of his difference with Fausto Mata, who in May questioned the producer’s work within Grupo Telemicro.

During an interview in “Politiqueando” with Manolo Ozuna and Anabell Alberto, Brea stated that the actor is aware that “the position I have has nothing to do with stagecraft, or with scenery, or with everything he said there. There is an operations department.”

In this sense, Brea said that later he met with the corresponding people and everything was resolved, even “he wanted to disrespect me”, but he pointed out that he was not the only general director with whom Mata has had differences.

Brea also assured that “if someone who respects talent is me”, that’s why the first one who converted to his entrance to Telemicro was with the comedian and he raised the idea of ​​restructuring his space.

“We had a meeting, everything was perfect and the next day he appeared on a radio program ending everything,” he said.

On whether the cancellation of Samuel Mata and Manolay, both employees of “Boca de Piano is a show”, Fausto Mata’s program, was motivated by the conflict, Rene replied: “I don’t know, that doesn’t concern me.”

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