bad news for him RC Celta and Eduardo Coudet, his midfielder and champion of the Celtic core, Renato Tapia, has suffered a injury in training with his team. The physical setback came a day before the Inca selected played his match against chili. The last medical report ruled that it is a muscle tear, which could leave him incapacitated for 1 to 3 months.

The situation becomes extremely complicated for both the Galician club as for the Peru selection. On the Celtic squad they are already beginning to speak with their medical department to try to speed up the recovery. However, the player is still in his native country. Tapia has already lost the commitment to the southern team, and will now be absent in the commitments against Bolivia and Argentina.

Although the Inca pivot had not been injured since his arrival at Celta last year, it is not the first time that the player has a physical setback, nor the first time that Coudet will have to modify his scheme after said injury. The Argentine coach already had everything ready to face Sevilla FC, after the national team break.

The most benefited from the situation will be the Pontevedra Denis Suárez, who could return to the starter, replacing the Peruvian. The midfielder will start to accumulate more minutes this season. However, the other one who could take advantage to finally make his debut in this course is the Turkish Okay Yokuslu, who returned from West Bromwich Albion.

The main culprit for the injury to the Peruvian pivot is his coach Eduardo Coudet. This is stated in various Peruvian media after learning in detail that the player landed on Inca soil with physical problems, due to muscle fatigue. In fact, in the last meeting with Celta, the player had to leave due to some discomfort.

Some sectors of the Peruvian press, indicated that it was an injury more than sung by the rhythm of competition that the midfielder was bringing. Renato Tapia shouldn’t have been summoned, or at least he didn’t train when he just arrived in Peru. Now he will miss three games with his team, and possibly the same number of meetings with the Galician team.


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