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Renato Tapia key in the strategic signing of Rafa Benítez at Celta

Of the 5 full additions that the Celtic team has closed, only one has been for the middle field, and the Madrid coach asks for attention, at the same time that the Peruvian midfielder offers the first solution.

The Spanish summer market is already going to complete a month, and RC Celta has only closed 1 signing for its midfielder, Rafa Benítez asks for action but Renato Tapia blocks the exit. Since the Mr. Madrid came to take the celtic helm, has observed that the middle zone of his team is the one that requires the most attention. The departures of Denis Suárez, Orbelín Pineda and Óscar Rodríguez cannot only be covered with the arrival of Carlos Dotor.

Benítez insists on another hiring for his core, but there is a latent problem related to the presence of Renato Tapia. The former Real Madrid coach has already stated that he does not have the Inca midfielder, and he also intends to leave. Thus, if the former Feyenoord leaves Vigo, likewise the hiring of the player the coach wants will be accelerated.

Renato Tapia Celtic
Celta wants to hurry to close the signing of Sergi Darder before July 31.

Renato Tapia leaves, Sergi Darder arrives at RC Celta

The midfielder that Rafa Benítez has bet on before the Celtic board of directors is Sergi Darder. Although the captain parakeet is focused on the team, deep down he knows that he will not play in LaLiga 2. His agent works day and night looking for the best offer from LaLiga EA Sports, and the Galician team wants to be the best option for him .

From the Catalan team they demand the payment of the clause, which is set at 10 million euros until July 31. As of August 1, the sum amounts to 15 kilos, a payment that begins to hinder Celta’s financial plan. So the departure of the Peruvian midfielder will be the judge in this operation. Fortunately, there is already a club very interested in the “Cabezón”.

RC Celta hopes to finalize the sale of Renato Tapia this weekend

Ligue 1 could be the new destination for the South American midfielder, and Olympique de Lyon his new club. A few weeks ago, the Celtic team and the Gones team have been negotiating the transfer of the Peruvian. But in the last days, the operation stopped. This is due to a problem regarding the salary mass of the French club.

Fortunately for everyone, Lyon have already solved their problems and are ready to start signing. The figure for which Renato Tapia will be sold has not yet been disclosed, but what matters most to RC Celta is the release of his salary and a place in the squad. In addition, it must be remembered that the Inca player arrived at the Celtic entity at zero cost.

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