Renan Lodi forces Atlético to renegotiate: new transfer price closed

From the player’s environment there has been a change of plans, which would be the best mattress news

Renan Lodi It is one of the pending issues that Atlético de Madrid must resolve in the following market. The 25-year-old Brazilian footballer is experiencing an important personal step at Nottingham Forest, which is why he believes that the best thing to do will be to continue wearing the colors of the English club.

In fact, Renan Lodi has a purchase option, which was agreed by Atlético with the English in the past market. Well then, his transfer expires on June 30 and from there it is that decisions must be made in this regard. Andrea Berta already has some alternatives in mind.

Renan Lodi Athletic
Lodi’s season in the Premier League has been interesting

Renan Lodi wants to continue playing in England and an offer makes Atlético de Madrid think

In that order of ideas, the Premier League club would be considering renegotiating the terms that had been subsequently agreed. They are very close to reaching permanence in the First Division, so one of your best items should follow. Given this, they want to pay a little less than what is established.

In this way, even Renan Lodi has generated a kind of pressure towards Atlético, notifying that he wants to continue in the English team. Of course, they want the mattresses to reduce the purchase option that exists and that is over 30 million euros. It would not be a value that they see with bad eyes in the rojiblanca inmate.

The English build their project for 2024, where they want to have the international from Brazil

The Nottingham is had to put on the table of the ones of the Cholo Simeone a little more than 20 ‘kilos’ by the Brazilian side. It would be a quite important solution for both parties, taking into account that the club does not want to have him and even less the coach. In addition, the amount is quite close to the claims they currently have.

We will have to wait then for what can happen with this movement. For now, the mess with Renan Lodi with Atlético can be overcome in this same transfer window, which seems quite busy for Andrea Berta. There is an expectation with this discard that she can leave good amounts in the mattress coffers.

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