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Remy Gardner, the champion who could not stop the ‘Crocodile’

Remy Gardner, el campeón al que no pudo frenar el 'Cocodrilo'

The story of Remy Gardner is more atypical than you might think at first, since not for being the son of the 1987 500cc world champion, Wayne Gardner, had quick and easy access to the competition. It’s more, the crocodile He did his best to keep his two sons from motorcycle racing, but Remy, two years older than his brother Luca, had a rider inside him, and now a Moto2 world champion, who ended up coming out through his pores.

Remy was born on 2-24-98 (23 years old) in Sydney, Australia, and lived between Monaco and Australia until the age of 4, the Gardner family deciding to settle permanently in Sydney, specifically in Manly. There they lived in a house facing the sea where Remy and his brother spent their days surfing and doing crazy things with skateboarding and cycling. Neither Remy nor Luca rode motorcycles when they were little because Wayne considered it very dangerous. So it wasn’t until they bought a farm on the outskirts of Sydney that they started riding motorcycles in the countryside.

Years later, and after insisting a lot, Remy was able to start participating in some Australian dirt track competitions. Wayne forbade him to practice motocross, because he considered it extremely dangerous, and at the age of 13 he participated in his first speed race, on asphalt. It is a very late age compared to other World Cup riders of his generation, because many at the age of five or six are already hitting the gas.

Honda Australia invited him and his brother to participate in a race in Spain, in which Remy finished in the last positions. As he got off the motorcycle, he told his father that he had never had such a good time in his life. It was at that moment that he decided that he wanted to dedicate himself professionally to motorcycling.

A year later, at the age of 14, they moved to Spain and Remy began to compete in the Mediterranean Championship and in the FIM CEV Repsol, from which he made the jump to the World Championship. In 2014 he did three Moto3 races and in 2015, his first full season. He got on Moto2 in 2016, and his sixth season He has won the title before going up to MotoGP next season, where he will continue to share box with Raúl Fernández in the KTM Tech 3.

The personality of the new champion is very Australian, with a surfer style, relaxed and easy going. Everything is fine for him and he gets along with everyone. He is a lover of nature and animals. He considers himself an old-school pilot and does not care about social media or his image. So much so that, if he could, he’d have a beer on the starting grid. Inside the box and with the team he considers himself one more.

In 2018, he had an accident doing motocross in which he broke both legs, the doctor told him that until after three months he could not even stand up, but a month later he was running a Moto2 World Championship race. He ended up vomiting and dizzy, but in stitches.

Besides motorcycling, cars are Remy’s other great passion. He has a warehouse where, in addition to preparing all his training equipment and motorcycles, he works on classic cars, Gas Monkey style. In 2017, he bought a ’69 Volvo Amazon which he is fully restoring. He has changed the engine and built and designed all the parts himself. Make the prototypes with your 3D printer and then make the final pieces. He is totally self-taught, learning by watching YouTube videos and talking to mechanics and engineers. When he gets on his ship, he gets lost and ends up coming home at midnight without having eaten or eaten. On his birthday, all he asks for are parts for his cars or tools for the workshop.

He is good at practically any sport and ends up taking it to the extreme. If you are spearfishing, you have to go down to 30 meters … If you water monoski, you have to test the maximum speed of the boat and try to take off your ski to ski barefoot … When snowboarding, you have to try a back-flip and get into all the outside possible clues …

He loves rock music and plays the guitar very well. A perfect plan for Remy is to go out one day spearfishing, without a bottle, and then come home to barbecue what he has caught. Currently he continues to live in Sitges, speaks Spanish perfectly and has a Catalan girlfriend, Claire Möller, who competes with horses in the show jumping mode. You could almost say that they do not stick much together, but you can tell that they complement each other perfectly. A happy guy this Remy Gardner despite not having had a precisely easy childhood and, from today, a world champion, like his father.

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