Rémy Daillet: all you need to know about his conspiracy project “Operation Azur”

Already imprisoned since June 16 in Nancy prison, in the case of the kidnapping of little Mia last spring, Rémy Daillet was taken from his cell on Tuesday, and taken into custody in another case for which he is suspected of “terrorist association”.

Investigators believe that the conspirator would have organized “violent actions and plans for a coup against France”. Rémy Daillet was presented to an examining magistrate last Friday.

A guru

The internal secret services observed the swarms of the organization that Rémy Daillet would have set up for several months, while he was residing in Malaysia. Called “Operation Azur”, this organization would bring together civilians including survivalists and supporters of the far right but also soldiers, revealed Le Parisien this morning.

A planned organization

Several cells in the region were supposed to recruit new members, and prepare themselves in armament, a source familiar with the matter confirmed to Franceinfo.

The intelligence services were able to identify plans to attack vaccination centers. Rémy Daillet having never hidden his anti-covid position during the confinement period. He also posted many anti-vaccine and anti-system videos on his YouTube channel, while the health crisis was in full swing.

12 suspects indicted

Since the month of May, 12 individuals have been indicted in this case.

Among them, some would belong to the small group “Honor and Nation”, which planned to attack a lodge of Freemasonry in Moselle. On October 8, four men aged 43 to 69, including two soldiers, were arrested.

A serious threat

The organization also targeted operations towards 5G antennas, in addition to the places where Freemasons usually meet. But for Rémy Daillet and his organization, the ultimate goal would have been to seize the Élysée by force. The investigation opened for “terrorist association” could follow new prosecutions “of attacking the security of the State.”

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