Remove these apps from your Android now! They are popular and were on the Google Play Store.

The Android operating system is the most popular mobile platform in the world and has the largest number of users compared to Apple’s rival iOS. However, this popularity also draws the attention of criminals who prey on unsuspecting users.

So now we are asking you to remove a total of 17 apps from your Android tablets and smartphones that have millions of installations between them. The alert was recently given by cybersecurity experts from SecneurX who discovered a new wave of malware present in various Android apps available on the Google Play Store.

Among them, the infected apps add up to several million installations, so the potential damage caused can be estimated in millions of people. With that being said, if you have any of these Android apps installed, remove them from your phone as soon as possible.

17 malware-infected Android apps on the Google Play Store

  1. Live wallpaper: +1000 downloads
  2. Excellent message: +1000 downloads
  3. SMS themes message: +5000 downloads
  4. plain sketch: +5000 downloads
  5. Superhero HD wallpaper: +1000 downloads
  6. Personal Sticker Maker: +1000 downloads
  7. Single Color Paint: +5000 downloads
  8. Echo Launcher-Live Wallpaper: +10000 downloads
  9. Transparent live wallpaper: +1000 downloads
  10. Fast Text Scanner: +100 downloads
  11. Color painting art: +100 downloads
  12. Live wallpaper: +1000 downloads
  13. Super Live Wallpaper: +10000 downloads
  14. Lucky Live Wallpaper and Theme: +1000 downloads
  15. Happy SMS: +10000 downloads
  16. Keyboard language: +5000 downloads
  17. Camera lens: +10000 downloads

In 2022 we are witnessing a new peak of threats of this type. In recent months we have seen several cases of malicious apps present in the Google Play Store that somehow managed to bypass the store’s filters, the platform Play Protect.

Using the most diverse methods and decoys, hackers do not rest and find new ways to disguise their true purposes in apparently innocuous applications.

Unfortunately, the cases in which users, without suspecting it, lose access to their Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp accounts and even bank details in more serious cases, are multiplying.

Android apps target threats like Trojan malware

We detect more #Malicious #Applications on @Google PlayJoker on Google PlayWith more than 5000 downloads Name – Keyboard Language#trojan #Malware #jester #Play store #cyber security #threathunter #infosec #android

— SecneurX (@SecneurX) December 28, 2022

Regardless of how they enter our smartphone or tablet, these threats are always aimed at depriving us of something. Whether it is with the objective of saving our passwords, subscribing to value-added services and packages, or presenting massive advertising to profit from its exhibition.

The most recent case, reported by the aforementioned agency, has exposed a wave of Android apps infected by trojans As the autolics, Harley Y jester. The attack methods are diverse, from those mentioned above.

In any case, whether it’s displaying ads or stealing information from your device, if you have any of the apps listed above, delete them from your phone immediately!

New Feature Alert 🎉 We make it easy for families to securely purchase paid apps and in-app purchases on Google Play. Children will now be able to submit a “Purchase Request” directly to the Family Manager for review and approval. Check it here:

—Google Play (@GooglePlay) December 21, 2022

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