Reminiscence: A dense and successful SF film


Reminiscence is a thriller dystopian sci-fi kinda arrived like a hair in the soup in this galaxy of big Hollywood releases this summer 2021 but promised things that its counterparts did not have: a true imprint of author, a dark and post-apocalyptic vibe and above all, a scenario well put together around the stakes of its protagonists. Realized by Lisa Joy, to whom we owe the creation of the series Westworld and the realization of several of his episodes, solidified by a strong cast (Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson, Thandiwe Newton), Reminiscence clearly had a strong case for being the surprise movie of the summer.

Still, the feature only amassed $ 2 million in revenue on its first weekend of operation and has rather mixed reviews.

From the first minutes, we feel Lisa Joy dominated by one objective, to offer an atypical universe. The world of Reminiscence is horrible, decimated by a previous war that we have not seen because evoked by the protagonists. The survivors scramble to come and live their memories of yesteryear at Nick (Hugh Jackman) which offers reminiscence: that is to say, a dive into his own memories. At first, the script goes a bit all over the place and entangles several layers of narrative threads.

We must therefore hold on so as not to get lost so much the creator of Westworld does not take his spectator by the hand: he must remember all the characters revolving around the heart of the narration to remember their coherence a little later. After a vast introduction, a little heavy, Reminiscence juggles with the points of view by offering us a few moments of pause. But once the common thread of the story is launched, everything settles easily and the film becomes a rather effective investigative thriller.

Each character is a precise cog in the artistic intention of Joy. Hugh jackman plays wonderfully the unfriendly Nick obsessed with his love and the search for truth. Rebecca ferguson knows how to perfectly embody the strong and manipulative woman but reveals her true nature through a striking climax. The astonishing Cliff Curtis is also to be underlined since his villain is very credible with solid motivations.


Lisa Joy multiplies the climaxes, with the certain objective of losing us. But the nuance provided ends up realizing that we like, in the end, to get lost in this feature film, as the characters and the plot are worked with incredible finesse. References to Westworld, both on the degree of similarity of the shots with certain familiar faces that return to the screen, are also striking.

In summary, Reminiscence is an effective dystopian thriller, carried by a credible and serious cast and a dense and intelligent scenario. A little pearl to be discovered urgently.


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