To say that married life is a very attractive and complete life, but this life is pleasant only when there is harmony, unwavering love, trust, mutual understanding between husband and wife. Otherwise, married life is filled with bitterness. How is your married life? This is an important issue. It is very important that husband and wife support each other and understand things, which include both strengths and weaknesses. But what matters is how you handle your relationship. Bollywood actress Vidya Balan once said about her married life how she balances it.

Vidya had made many revelations about her married life during an interview. The actress had said: ‘My husband and I definitely live together, but we have different views on responsibilities. I have many friends who feel that if my husband listens to me, understands me and respects him, it is because I control him. At the same time, many friends of my husband tell him that you do not control your wife because she will be domineering in nature. ‘

What Vidya said, is not only with her, but many couples in Indian society have to hear those things. When husband and wife give each other equal status, their relationship becomes very easy. On the other hand, there is not so much sweetness in the relationship between couples who are bound by different duties of husband and wife.

There is nothing wrong with asking a partner to work. People are often teased for being afraid of a dominant partner. But because of this there is a bond of friendship between the partners. Although the custom of controlling wives by husbands is kept in society for a long time, this is the reason why he gets ridiculed like a slave from Joru when he obeys the wife.

There is no doubt that the burden of responsibility often falls on women after marriage, although it is clear from what Vidya said that there is nothing like it between her and Siddharth. They both talk to each other and look at things and also understand each other better. Supporting your spouse in all aspects of married life helps keep your relationship healthy.

When you give importance to the words of your partner and listen to them, then not only do you get happiness but you are also aware of new ideas. In such a situation, your outlook on looking at life also begins to improve. How to improve your relationship, your attention begins with this.



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